Available Puppies

October 2018

We have puppies available October 2018. 

F1 Standard Goldendoodle Puppies

 Isla is being her usual adorable self. She is all done checking out her yard. She loves all the space and chasing the little frogs (hehehe). I know she wants to swim in the pond in the backyard, but that's not happening quite yet lol. Microchip #1168

F1b Standard GoldendoodlePuppies 

Montana is the sweetest, most gentle little puppy. I seriously love him to bits. As you may have guessed, we named him after Joe Montana. His favorite toy has always been a little football he has had since day one. Just a simple little toy football, but to Montana it was the world. Microchip #5865
Please contact us if you are interested in reserving an available puppy or to place a deposit for a future litter. Please review our entire website for information on current puppies, parents, and updated pictures of our past puppies. We only breed standard size doodles. Weight ranges are 45-55 lbs depending on generation and parents of the specific litter. We can accept PayPal if needed, however there is an additional 3% fee that will be added to cover the PayPal fees. Other payment options are available: Zelle, Venmo, or cash. Regardless of the payment method, payment must be made in full & cleared at the time of pickup. We do not accept checks. We are expecting one more litter of F1B's this year from quinn sometime this summer.
We do offer a money back Guarantee against birth defects for 3-5 days after pickup to allow time to see your Veterinarian. After your vet clears the puppy the Guarantee is for one year against life altering birth defects or a replacement puppy if one is Detected during that time period, no monetary refund or warranty. Once you purchase a puppy you are responsible for any and all Veterinarian costs and will not be reimbursed for any cost. Our puppies are checked by our vet between 5-7 weeks of age and cleared before we show or take pictures. 


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